MBIT and MBMT are both listed and tradeable on external exchange.


All our tokens are fully ERC20 compliant and based on Ethereum - a global, secure decentralized verification network.

Coin Mercenary

We take security seriously, therefore we had our Ethereum smart contract (MBMT) audited by a 3rd party. You can read the full report here.


Credit Token

This is our internal utility and stable coin token. This is for remittance, top up of prepaid cards, crypto cash-back and much more. It always has a stable value of 1$. MBCT can be exchanged for Ethereum or BitCoin in our online wallet.



Investment Token

MBIT is based on more than just speculation. We have directly linked the success of MessengerBank to MBIT by allocating 40% of our yearly profits to be distributed among MBIT token holders. The dividend will be paid out in MBCT.


Metal Backed Token

The metal standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem used to hedge against inflation and fiat currencies.

Each token represents 30% of 99.99% gold bullion, 30% of 99.99% platinum, 20% grams of 99.99% NP-1 certified nickel and 20% of 99.99% rare earth metals. Securely audited and held in escrow. Records can be publicly accessed and verified.

Zero fractional reserves. Redeemable for Ethereum. Upon request, we will liquidate the physical products and send you the equivalent USD value in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

MBM Tokens