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MessengerBank Investment Token

We created the MessengerBank Investment Token (MBI) to have a fast and secure currency for transactions anywhere at anytime.

MessengerBank Credits Token (MBCT)

This is our internal eco system utility token. Fully ERC20 compliant. This is for remittance and top-up of cards. It always has a stable value of 4.95$.

MessengerBank Investment Token (MBI)

This is the token you can buy on exchanges where we are listed. Its value can fluctuate and is not stable. It is also fully ERC20 compliant.

From slow to lightning fast

MessengerBank’s system will reside on a custom private blockchain network. Upon completion current MBI tokens will be ported over from the Ethereum network.


Purchase MBI

You can purchase MessengerBank Investment tokens and participate in the future development of our ecosystem. In the future, MBI will be used as the internal currency of MessengerBank and serve as a security token.


All trading pairs from and to MBCT will be without fee. If you wish to trade pairs that doesn't include MBCT, you can choose to deduct the exchange trading fee from your MBCT balance - and get a 50% discount on the trading fee.


Convert your MBCT to any fiat currency, at the current rate, to send, receive or withdraw to your fiat bank account.

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Savings account

Use your MBCT to invest into our savings index fund.

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Remit your tokens

Send money internationally at a fraction of the normal cost, and without limitations.

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How to buy MBCT?


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3. Fund

Fund your account with Ethereum


4. Finish

Follow the instructions and get your tokens.

We are very excited to announce the first exchange listing for our MBI token. On December 25th 2018, MBI will be available to trade on the LATOKEN exchange for BTC and ETH.